Glossary of northern terms I have learned

Yesterday in English class I learned, among other things, that I am not at all well versed in the different Northern slang terms… I commented on the snow outside and was immediately corrected: Sledge. Not Snow. So, I have since done some research about more northern terms I may or may not know, and if you ever visit, these might be helpful to you.

Weather Related Phrases (an incomplete list of terms):

Sledge- This is the type of snow that looks like snow, but turns into rain as soon as it touches something because it’s actually warm (haha) outside. This kind of snow is really annoying because it looks great in the air but you still get soaked when walking to class. “Wow there’s supposed to be sledge all week!”

Graupel- Soft hail… I think it’s like when water collects on a snowflake and freezes but it’s still snow so it’s not completely ice yet? “My favorite kind of snow is graupel because it doesn’t hurt as much as hail"

Snow tunnels- Apparently, they make these plastic bubble things that can connect buildings so if it snows too much you literally never go outside. “I think this year they’re going to have to break out the snow tunnels for the April ice storm"

Non-Weather Related Phrases (let’s be honest this is probably also an incomplete list):

Pop- Soda. Not a soft drink. Or Coke. “Do you want pop with that?” (The answer is always yes) 

Michigander- Someone from Michigan. Even though (as far as I know) the name of the state is not pronounced MichiGAN, somehow this makes sense. “Oh, calm down it’s just snow. You’re not a TRUE Michigander"

The U.P.- The Upper Peninsula. Which, come to find out, is in fact part of Michigan. Not Canada. “She’s from the U.P., which is like basically Canada"

Mitten- The Lower Peninsula (the part that looks like a hand) “You live in the Mitten? Under the bridge?”

The Bridge- Mackinac* Bridge. There are no other bridges worth acknowledging, so if someone is talking about a bridge, it’s this one. “I think she’s from the other side of the Bridge"

North- Canada “And just on the other side of that lake, you’ll see the North"

South- Illinois “Oh he’s a Southerner… He’s from Chicago"

Pure Michigan- Okay not gonna lie, I still don’t know what this one means. But it’s on all the license plates so it must be important. “Pure Michigan!"

Snow Days- 404 error does not exist

Hot Dish- Casserole. Or some form of putting ingredients together in a mixture and cooking it. “Are you making the chicken hot dish or the broccoli hot dish?"

Sack- Grocery bag. “Do you need help carrying your sacks?"

*It should be noted that Mackinac and Mackinaw are the same thing.